8 Tips before moving to Australia

One of the most popular moving destinations worldwide is Australia. Between fresh air, unspoiled nature, a laid back lifestyle, and a very multicultural society, it is not surprising thousands of people flock to Australia every year. However, there are numerous things to keep in mind when moving to Australia. We have gathered some tips from people who moved to Australia before you.

What to bring when moving to Australia

  • Gather all important paperwork, such as birth and marriage certificates, also bring your mortgage and pension papers, as well as bank statements, driver’s licenses and insurance policy papers before you leave. Also make sure to get your local government to make certified copies of any identification documents, as you may need them for rental agreements.
  • Make copies of your work references, qualifications and certificates.
  • Put all your medical files together. These may range from doctor and dentist files to your optician’s records. Make sure you visit them before departure should you urgently need to pay a visit to the dentist, or need medication.
  • Make sure you close all your utility accounts, and end any subscriptions you may have. This includes insurances. Forward them your (contact) address in Australia just in case.
  • Verify that people from your old country can contact you using an independent cloud-based email system, such as Gmail.
  • Contact your accountant and consult them on the taxation of your new address, or find an accountant in Australia.
  • Provide your Australian contacts with your new contact information and address.
  • Bring money equal to 6 months of your cost of living with you, in order to pay for your housing and upkeep in the case of temporary unemployment.

And what to leave behind

You may want to consider leaving behind items such as furniture, large kitchen equipment, and other cheap items with high volume and low value. After all, the costs of shipping your items internationally may exceed the value of your items.

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