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"Small apartment Oslo to Helsinki"

14 August 2020

Everything went according to plan, and was handled professionally. I would have like to get a date for the arrival of the goods in an earlier stage, though. Communication and service was top notch.





Kimberley LaBine

"Friendly & Affordable but unnecessarily stressful"

21 July 2020

We needed to move from Sweden to Finland during the Covid19 Pandemic. These conditions made for an even more stressful situation. Everyone at Alfa is very friendly and helpful. They are efficient, prompt and quick. That being said, there were a few incidents that occurred which will prevent us from becoming repeat customers. First, having successfully participated in three mass international moves in 4 years, we expected to be involved in the generation of the load and unload inventory. We were not asked to help with documentation. We were not required to label, number or document the boxes we pre-packed. Second, we paid extra to have the Alfa team pack 75% of the apartment and unpack 100%/set up 90% of the shipment. What should have been a service to reduce stress instead made the experience exponentially more stressful. Boxes were not labelled correctly with the contents nor properly labelled with the destination room. We had a few empty boxes included in our shipment (why?). Third, an expensive and essential piece of furniture was taken apart in Sweden by the moving team but no care taken with the components; one month later and we still can’t locate what we need to reassemble this piece. Lastly, the unloading team began as 3 people and at the lunch break, 2 workers had to leave. What should have been completed in a single day, extended to two days and created mass confusion (we were not living in the home yet and the team came and went the next day without supervision). When we arrived at the new home later in the afternoon of day 2, we discovered boxes that should have been unpacked were still sitting in the kitchen, putting the work and the disposal of the packaging on the homeowner (we paid extra to avoid this scenario). Everyone at Alfa Quality Moving is professional, friendly and helpful but in the end, having paid for a specific experience and not received it, we are dissatisfied.