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Royden Akerley

"Dissasterous and many times more excpensive than quoted"

02 December 2019

I was quoted one price all in. Through machinations the price double over twice. The items sat on the docks in Singapore for over 7 weeks before being loaded into the container. I had contacted them repeatedly to get a Bill of Laden and manifest. Neither of which was provided. I asked for an official invoice again it was NOT provided. The shipment I wanted to be redirected from Toronto to Halifax, the receiving agent had offices in both locations. This was never done. I wanted to meet the boat and unload the container after customs clearance. No response. I discovered that the upgrade required to a 40′ Tal from a 20′ container was bogus, and in fact the container was co-loaded or grouped with 3 other shippers items. I contacted on whose stuff I was able to view on the loading dock. They also were charged for the upgrade at full price. I was not able to confirm the identity of third shipper, but the loading dock workers confirmed all three came in the same container. I am convinced if two were so charged, so was the third. I asked that the ship be moved to Halifax from Montreal. They wanted as much to make the change as the whole shipment had already cost. I rented a truck and retrieved my items. A number of boxes picked up and signed for at the origin never made it to the destination, three with several valuable pieces. They claimed to be members of the IMA only to discover they are not in good standing. To date what was supposed to cost $7,000 is now well over $27,000. The receiving agent also charged extra fees not apart of the agreement. Because I picked it up at their warehouse rather than having them deliver it I had to pay $950 extra “facilitation-fee” and the scheduled date for pick-up no one was available to help and we had to come back the next day. Part of the shipment would not fit on the rental truck, I was charged $1,500 to have the remaining items sent to Halifax plus another “facilitation fee” then discovered there is a receiving fee in Halifax there is another facilitation fee. The how shipment from Singapore to Halifax took 4 months 3 weeks to complete.