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Veronica DC

"TERRIBLE, unprofessional with unreasoned surcharges."

15 April 2020

Stephan was absolutely unprofessional, and late. The movers where supposed to arrive at 11:00 AM on a Thursday, they arrived at 9PM that day after a full shift in the morning unable to make the move so rescheduled for the next day. They where supposed to arrive at 8 AM but rather arrived at 11AM the next day. After the move was picked up one day late, they charged us 100 € extra for the supposed rescheduling.

On top of that, they move went up from 1.700€ TOTAL to 2.400€ plus a 400€ for a ticket for the drivers from the local authorities which was charged to us. Since our furniture was kidnapped and would not be delivered if not we where forced to pay this outrageous fees.

We spent 2 months fighting with unpleasant conversations with Stephan on how to get our stuff back. This conversations where constantly steered on offensive topics and insulting language from him to us. Including conspiracy theories about Hitler and Coronavirus which where out of topic and not called for.

As the drivers arrived they explained that Stephan was a solo-man company which hires smaller companies and charges a commission on top. Therefor many of this things tend to happen. The overcharge ended up being his commission as the drivers company, for doing all the job in total including the ticket got paid 1,300€. (So 900€) since he miscalculated the load and scheduling he run out of ways to receive his comisión and charged it extra to us. (More than 50% for a terrible coordination)

I read many reviews before, and believed that people where exaggerating as he always excused him self on it being the competition but truth is we are sencere costumers which just had the worst experience ever. At the end we got our stuff with a few broken plates, paying double than expected and no one to reply for anything.

Save your self some sanity, and go with a more established company that at least will respect your time and the price they have given you.