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Susanne Kahlich

21 June 2016

The mover was helpful and friendly in Paris on 22 May, but in Paris he told he me would deliver my things – including my bed – no later than 3 June. He did not arrive that day, nor did he call. I called him on 4 June, and he told me he would arrive in Berlin "on Wednesday or Thursday" (8 or 9 June). When I reminded him that he said he would arrive no later than 3 June, he said his bid stated he had "until 8 June". He did arrive on 8 June, would not drive into the courtyard to access my building’s industrial lift (it’s a converted factory), unloaded but did not deliver to the lift, and threatened to drive across the street and dump the rest of my stuff onto the sidewalk when I I asked him to come back in 30 minutes because the police ordered him to move. My things are covered in packing tape that has melted onto them due to sitting in the truck, the battery of my Mac Powerbook popped out in the heat of the truck and is destroyed. One of my bed slats is missing.