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Jessica DeFonte

"Honest Company with Great prices"

17 September 2019

From the first phone call to the Delivery of my belongings, everything was Perfect. Loved the extra time they took to wrap my belongings. Price given for move was exactly how much I paid. Honest People. highly recommend this company





Helen Roowalla

"Very dissatisfied"

23 November 2018

We selected this company among the various quotes we received because they gave the best price quote and shipment times. Both proved to be wrong. We arranged a quote based on an estimated amount, and a pick up date with the company. A different company arrived to pick up the items on the established date, and called us later that day saying that when they arrived at the iShip it Right warehouse, it had already been closed for the day. And we had to pay extra for the pallets to be stored in their facility overnight for them to go back to the iShip it Right warehouse for delivery. This caused an initial delay, and we also had to pay upfront for this unexpected night of storage in a different facility. iShip it Right determined the pick up date, they should have known and had waited for the items to arrive in their warehouse before closing, or communicated to us and the third party company an alternative.

Following receipt we got an updated invoice based on the exact amount and weight of the items that was over $1,000 the initial budget. We paid the difference and waited for communication that the shipment was on its way. We were then contacted by the corresponding shipping company in Hamburg handling the arrival of the shipment, confirming it was on its way but it was on hold and we needed to contact iShip it Right to determine why. iShip it Right did not communicate anything to us regarding the tracking of the shipment nor the reason for the hold. After several emails and calls we were still not able to determine the reason of the hold as we kept receiving conflicting information but finally received confirmation from the corresponding freight company in Hamburg that the shipment was arriving at their facility. There the transaction was passed to a Swiss freight company that would handle the customs and transportation to our destination in Lugano. We paid the customs fees with them (another $500) and provided all the documentation they requested right away, even though we had already sent a lot of forms to iShip it Right and they should have handled everything. The Swiss Freight company finally confirmed that the shipment was arriving on November 22nd, but could not provide an approximate time. I took the day off to be there, and we waited all day, but no shipment arrived. Finally at 4:00 PM I called the Swiss freight company, and after being put on hold three times indefinitely, calling back 3 times, speaking to 2 different people, we were contacted by a 4th company that operates locally that the shipment would arrive the next day between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM. At this point I could no longer take another day off with such short notice and my mother, who is the recipient of the shipment, was left alone to wait for it. The driver arrived at 9:30 AM by himself, and even though the entrance to the building is very large as well as the elevator, he was unable to get the two pallets in, and wanted to leave them on the curb. That was of course unacceptable since my elderly mother could not be expected to dismantle two pallets and carry 47 boxes to the apartment by herself. She as able to convince the driver to drop off the pallets in the garage with the help of some local businessmen, and she tipped everyone generously. We will now dismantle the pallets and carry the boxes from there on our own.

Overall the shipment arrived over a week late than the agreed-upon delivery date. We are very dissatisfied with the level of service of all companies involved, especially having to deal with 4 different companies, received very little direct communication, and having to constantly call for more information ourselves. We are dissatisfied with having overpaid by almost $2000 beyond the initial agreed-upon budget. We have written a complaint to the Swiss freight company and will now write a complaint to iShip it Right. We don’t recommend you include this company in your list of available shipping services in the future.