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15 April 2019

First, I like to tell everybody never ever ship anything with baggage hub ones you have a problem it will never be solved but they claim it is your fold.
I asked for a quote to ship a wooden rocking horse from Thailand to Switzerland. I received the offer and it looked okay they mentioned that the shipment to Switzerland will take approx. 7-12 days. It was just fine because it would arrive on time for Christmas. I also asked if they do the packing which they confirmed, and I agreed to ship it with baggage hub and paid the down payment. They planned to pick up the goods but informed me that they have no possibility to pack it in Thailand? Then the problem started. With difficulty, I found a place to get the rocking horse well and properly packed with 3 layers of packing (plastic-air-foils and cardboard) especially around the head. Outside I place on both sides a label marked: FRAGILE handle with care. In addition, I marked on all sides an arrow and wrote TOP. Finally, they picked it up and the wooden rocking horse arrived 35 days later!!! Too late for Christmas and far longer than they have confirmed. I tracked the shipment and already worried that the goods will be delayed. I wrote several times but mostly got only an auto-reply; I am out of the Office until…. and then most of the time I didn’t get a reply. The worst was that after the recipient unpacked it the horses’ ears were broken off. I had many emails correspondence with baggage hub. I wanted to know why it took 3 times longer than they offered, and why I didn’t get most the time any reply to my questions. They replied only excuses and the replies was like it was all my fault. E.g. they informed me that the shipping delay was because of Christmas. Well, I didn’t know that Christmas is on many days and not only on Christmas day! Maybe a delay okay but not 23 days delay. Because the goods arrived damaged, I was hoping that at least they apologize and pay the cost to fix the broken ears. I only can say again:
Ones you have a problem you will have a problem and they will blame you. There are many shipping companies which are good and reliable and offer competitive prices too.


11 April 2019

Engaged Logic to move my goods to LA, superb service from start to finish, transparent, cost effective and everything done within time-frames set by me, would thoroughly recommend this company, Neil and his team – 1st class service !!!


01 April 2019

Shipping Force contacted me quickly and performed a rather impressive song and dance.

However major issues began once no one came to collect my items on the alloted day.

It turns out despite my warning nearly 2 weeks earlier no one checked my pick up location due to its remote area. Needless to say the couriers don’t come to my location.

They scheduled another courier for the next day, the day I was at the airport awaiting for a flight for a vacation, and I got an email asking if I could hand deliver 100kg of my personal inventory to the courier. Obviously not an option.

Finally they found a courier capable of picking up the goods and for doing what they promised on day 1 they doubled the quotation value.

When asked why this happened Shippingforce flat out lied about how the quote was put together.

My goods arrived in the UK fairly quickly and my final bill tripled from the original quote.

To top things off when I paid the bill, I was invoiced in my local currency, it turns out the Shippingforce bank account cannot receive my currency directly do all funds were converted to gbp and the bill had a shortfall attached to it.

At the moment of writing this review I’m trying to resolve this minor amount.

If you’ve read this far do not use this company they are atrocious and disingenuous. The worst company I’ve ever dealt with to my knowledge.

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Checklist moving
8 November 2018

Checklist for moving abroad

Whether you are moving abroad to study or to work, getting everything ready will take a lot of time. You need to do a lot of preparation and somehow there’ll still be some things you’re afraid you’ll forget. It’s a big adventure, which can be exciting but also scary. However, with these helpful tips we’ll at least make it a lot easier for you!

1. Visa, passport and vaccinations
Nobody wants to have any problems in their new home country, especially not being able to get in at all. For that reason, check your new country’s government website to see what visa you will exactly need and what the differences are between them. And when you are going to catch your flight, be sure to bring a copy of the visa with you. Moreover, check whether your passport is still valid during the period you are going to be abroad. In some countries it is obligated to have a passport that is valid for at least six months after your return date. To visit some countries, you will also need to get a variety of vaccinations. As these three things can take a lot of time, it is best to start with them as soon as possible.

2. Healthcare and travel insurance
To avoid any extra problems and efforts, it is a good idea to check upon your current health care provider and to see whether they can cover you overseas. If not, you might want to have a look at an international provider or some local providers. Additionally, you might want to get a medical check-up before you leave home as some countries can have very expensive healthcare. If you are only traveling abroad, it is a good idea to make sure you have international travel insurance.

3. Accounts and important documents
Before leaving for your new destination, be aware that you’ll need to change your account settings for your bank account, phone provider, health insurance and more. You might even need to cancel some accounts if you’d like to use a local provider. Also, be sure to gather all your important documents and make copies of them. Place all your important documents in a folder to take with you to your new home. For example, your insurance cards, medical files, certificates, work permits, taxes and international driving permit (Yes, check this too!). To avoid any problems, we suggest making extra copies of the most important documents for your family at home.

4. Bank account and phone provider
When you arrive in your new country, it’ll be convenient to have some cash on you in case of an emergency. But before you arrive, make sure you know if you can use your own bank card without any problems. Maybe consider getting a credit card that’s accepted worldwide so you’ll get less foreign transaction fees. When arriving in your new country, you should probably open a bank account to reduce transaction costs and to receive your salary on for your new job. Be sure to have a look at the taxes too, since these are probably different compared to your current country.

As international phone calls can be expensive, it’s suggested to purchase a SIM card from a local provider. You can then replace that one with your old SIM in your phone. There are even some providers that add international phone calls and texts to your plan.

5. Transport and moving services
There are several options to get to your new destination: by car, boat, train or even airplane. To choose which option you should go for, it’s a good idea to write down all the pros and cons for every transport option. When you’ve made your choice, do the same thing by comparing the different companies. This way you’ll know for sure you choose what you’re most comfortable with.

Besides different ways for you to arrive at your destination country, there are also different modes of transport for your household goods. It can be very hard to choose the type of transport but also to choose an international moving company. Fortunately, we have made that easier for you. By checking our blogs you can find more information about how to choose what’s best for you. Looking at our reviews of different moving companies is also very helpful.

6. Accommodation
Our main tip is not to sign any accommodation contracts or rent an apartment before seeing it. If you’ll have to look for a house all by yourself, it perhaps is a good idea to fix something for a short period of time. This way you’ll have accommodation for the first nights and you’ll have time to look for a permanent house whilst staying there. This way you’ll avoid any bad experiences with renting before arrival, but you’ll also have a better idea of where you’d like to live exactly (since you have now seen the neighbourhood).

7. Research
Your destination country will definitely be different than where you’re now. To make the cultural shock as minimum as possible, it’s smart to do some research on their culture. What do they eat and when? Do they have practical rituals or standards? Additionally, learning the basic and most important words and sentences in their language isn’t a bad idea either. Looking into the weekly costs of the country is also a smart move. This way you’ll get an idea of how much money you’ll probably spend (e.g. touristic attractions, groceries, rent) and what the currency is.

If you’re going to work abroad, be sure to also do some research on your job position, the business culture (e.g. how they do meetings, how does their business communication work) and your employment rights.

8. Relax & enjoy
By seeing this checklist, moving abroad might look difficult and stressful. But do not forget the reason why you’re moving abroad. This is going to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. End your stay in your current country with a blast by throwing a goodbye party or a gathering to see all your close family and friends one last time. And once you’re on your way to your new home, do not forget to relax and enjoy. It’s going to be great!