10 universal things you need to consider when selecting a moving company

During the decision-making process of selecting your moving company, there are many things you have to consider. Everyone’s move is different, so the criteria you have to consider are always specific to your case. This blog provides you some tips everyone can use!

Every move is different

Some want to ship 10 boxes, others want to bring their whole household. Some people pack everything themselves, others leave it to professionals. And not every international moving company is specialized in handling every move size.



IMR uses category tags to show what a company is good at, so you can compare ratings in the blink of an eye. These category tags are useful, but you still have to contact multiple moving companies in order to compare your options. Selecting your moving company made easy!

There are some tips you can always follow when you are comparing potential moving companies.

Top 10 Tips to Selecting your Moving Company

  • Compare prices by getting quotations
  • Check if the method of shipping is identical (For example, sea freight + packaging A or airplane freight + packaging B)
  • Find out if you have your container, or if it’s shared with other people
  • Establish a time frame in which your move is going to happen
  • Verify if terminal and port handling fees are included in the quotation
  • Agree who handles on-site packaging and unpacking
  • Be aware who pays for customs clearances
  • Get to know the moving partner on the other side
  • Determine whether your moving partner is a member of a moving association. 
  • Always make sure to get everything you agree to in writing.

Curious to know more about moving associations? Read more about IAM and FIDI here (or check their own websites, IAM and FIDI).

It may take a bit of time to compare your options. If you are still not sure on who to move with, you can also ask friends, family or co-workers about their experience in order to compare the various movers.

International Movers Reviews can also help you look at some of the independent testimonials left by previous people that have moved.

If you want to find out more about different shipping methods, such as sea freight and airplane cargo, you can check out the difference between shipping methods!

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