Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (FIDI)

Some of the movers on our website are certified by branch organizations. FIDI is a leading branch organization that provides movers certificates to display their excellence. We had an interview with Jesse van Sas, General Manager at FIDI, about the relevance of third-party quality certifications.

About FIDI, FAIM and other moving associations

FIDI, the International Federation of International Movers, provides the FAIM quality certification. The certifying body is the “one real quality certification in the industry of international movers”. It actively sets high standards, and recipients request an audit every 3 years in order to continue their certification. Should they fail their audit by 3rd-party Ernst & Young, their FAIM certification is terminated.

Other certifying parties are oftentimes “not a quality certification, [are merely membership organizations and are] not linked to any requirements on quality”. FIDI is different in that regard. “Some other companies claim to have their own quality certificate, but as this is audited by themselves, it really has no other value than marketing.”

When a company decides to join, they are assessed based on the performance of their moving activities. Should they fail, FIDI terminates their membership. If they succeed and join FIDI’s Global Alliance they are certified by the FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) Quality Management Program.

This program takes the best practices in the industry and educates professional movers to ensure application of the best practices. This guarantees you are moving with the best. Quality control ensures moving companies have full insurance, so that a customer can be fully reimbursed when something goes wrong.

What FIDI offers

Currently FIDI has more than 600 affiliates worldwide, and deliberately decides to limit its member count per country in order to maintain high standards of quality. Therefore, its goal is to match you with a mover of your preference that is among the best in their country. By applying the previously mentioned best practices these companies are able to be more efficient and offer you a more competitive pricing.

Furthermore, FAIM certified companies have to comply with FIDI-set standards. “Compliance in data protection, anti-bribery, anti-trust, and environmental policies [is key]. Companies with the FAIM seal automatically tick all these boxes”, Jesse explains. “On top of that, quality and strict policies in respect of responsiveness, licensing and operational processes are also included in the certification.

“An international move can be a major and emotionally demanding experience for individuals and their families”

Families will have to take difficult decisions such as selecting their service provider, method of packing, choice of insurance, and most importantly what to bring, and what not to bring. FIDI affiliates help you with that, in order to minimize your stress.

Smart tips

Tip #1: Use a partner you trust. It can be highly rewarding to use a professional moving service to move from Dubai to Australia, for example.  However, there are plenty of sketchy moving companies operating around the globe and even a small number of outright scammers. IMR helps you keep track of these scammers.

Tip #2: Move outside the peak season. This is usually around the summer holidays because of families with school children moving. Another thing to consider is the time of the month you are moving, as many house leases and other business practices generally take place on the last day of the month.

Tip #3: Approach several moving companies. Whether you compare international movers on our website or if you are just looking for quotations, approach multiple companies. This gives you a better idea of what services companies can offer you, but it also helps you compare different rates. It is possible to save up to two-thirds of your moving price by comparing.

Tip #4: Look out for the FIDI tag. Affiliates are reputable companies that deliver what they promise.


If you see the FIDI tag on the page of one of our movers, now you know what they stand for.


Read more about FIDI here.

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