International Assocation of Movers (IAM)

IAM is the International Association of Movers. It provides memberships and certifications to international moving companies, but has less strict policies than FIDI, for example.

What is the International Association of Movers?

Some of the movers on our website are connected to the International Association of Movers. IMR is the largest global moving and forwarding association, founded in 1962 in the United States. Many of the companies on have an IAM logo next to their name. This means the largest global moving organization has got their back if something goes wrong with your move. IAM affiliates always have the required insurance coverage. This allows them to remunerate you if your items get lost, stolen or damaged. Nice to know, should anything go wrong.

The IAM network

In the worst case, another IAM affiliate will take over the assignment. With a total of more than 2000 affiliates in over 170 countries worldwide, there is always someone that is ready to assist you. Among these companies are experts in moving, forwarding, shipping, logistics, and other supporting services.

Every year members come together at the national IAM conference. A popular saying is that if you do not go, all of your competitors will. Everyone gets together to discuss the international moving branch, exchange their experiences and share some of their hard-earned knowledge. The goal is to improve the overall quality of the international moving industry for the consumers.

Core values

IAM wants its members to be trustworthy. In order to reach that goal, they provide guidelines on efficiency, communicating reliability and demonstrating they have a good moral compass. This gives IAM members an edge over non-members, which is beneficial for you and your IAM moving company both. Since it started in ’62, its goal has always been to get international moving companies to work together in order to provide better quality to consumers at the end of the day. IAM shares information such as best practices, leads, contact information, and supporting services for members only.

Read more about IAM on their own website.

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