Getting Quotes for International Moving

Compared to local moving, an international move can be tiresome. The general planning that it requires usually involve a longer time and preparation for it to proceed smoothly. Below are things that you could keep in mind when considering to ask for quotations on international moves.

This is why quotation services are available, these services are intended to improve the process of relocating abroad. Users save time on researching companies. Instead of browsing for prices and offered services one by one, a quotation service lets you compare multiple movers at once, based on your specific demands.

International organisations

Some international movers are members of international organisations such as: the International Association of Movers (IAM) and the International Federation of International Movers (FIDI) which have rules and regulations in place to ensure best practices among moving companies. Moreover, these kinds of organisations increases the credibility of international moving companies and accredited companies will provides security and reliability on your move.

Possible additional charges

And once the quotes are already being offered to you, be sure to ask for additional charges that may be included (e.g. cheap quotes may exclude extra terminal or port handling charges, customs clearance, visa, etc.) and proceed with an international mover when you have a detailed contract and the complete terms and conditions.

By using our free service to gather multiple quotes from qualified movers you can certainly ease the worry about how you need to tackle this difficult task:


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    Good Day , i would like to move some haushold stuff, about seven bicyle and put all of these in right steered car. could you help me? do you know how much this would cost? best regards Daniel Schmocker

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