The importance of independent reviews

This article answers what drives people to look at online reviews, and explains why independent reviews are important to us when we are making a decision online. What does IMR do against bad or fake reviews?

Why do people look at reviews online?

People nowadays look reassuringly to reviews to support their purchasing decisions. People pull up multiple reviews before making a decision make a decision. And when we see several 5-star reviews and one 1-star review, we tend to focus on that 1-star review.

Strange? No, not at all. We want to find out if we can trust the person on the other end.

Reviews have always been valid sources of information, and now International Moving Reviews offers a platform for independent reviews from families and people that have moved with various movers worldwide. Almost every different branch has a review platform and IMR is the #1 specialist when it comes to the international relocation branch.

Why are independent reviews important?

In 2017 it was reported that 74% of consumers are influenced by word-of-mouth during their online decision-making process. This makes sense, because people trust people. 80% even says they trust independent reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. More than half of generation X trusts online reviews MORE than recommendations from friends and family.

Because people place their trust in online reviews, it is important to make sure the reviews on our website are fresh posts. People find it important that reviews are newer than 1 month. Keep in mind that a review from 4 years ago is probably not valid anymore, but 4 months ago is likely still accurate. Additionally IMR wants to assure that posts are independent, and written by real people.

Things to note about reviews

  • 94% of all consumers mention they would prefer to use a business that has at least a four-star rating. However, just because a company offers a 3.5-star service does not always mean their service is bad.
  • We have split up reviews on our website in four 5-star categories. That way, you can more accurately see that a company may be bad at their planning, but they ended up completing the job, and were good at communicating how they would solve the problem.
  • Most people are not willing to read more than 10 reviews to make their decision. If there are more than 10 listed reviews, we simply stop reading.

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