User guidelines

IMR aims to be the best independent review platform for international movers. The most important part of our website is that our visitors read reviews that are indeed independent and unbiased. User integrity is paramount, because it helps assure that the information on our website is accurate, and fairly represents the moving company being talked about. IMR tries to guide its reviewers in this regard by providing a specific set of review criteria. Click here to read more about the criteria.

IMR aims to collect good reviews. No, that does not mean we only want reviews with at least 4 stars. We are looking for your authentic story, whether you are satisfied with your moving company or not. If you are satisfied about the service they provided, great! Let us know!

If you are less than satisfied, also let us know! We want to paint a clear picture for future customers, and we need your help to do it. Your input can also be very valuable to a business, from a learning perspective. IMR wants to spread awareness and improve the quality of the international moving branch.

Just to make sure that everyone submitting reviews is on the same page, we have set up some user guidelines which may help you

When to leave reviews

  • You may only leave reviews about companies whose service you have used or whose product you have purchased. This covers:
    – you purchased the service or product of a company, organization, web service, etc.
    – you have placed an order with one of the above
    – you can provide other documentation* to display you have used the service of one of the above
  • You may only leave stories about your own personal service experience, NOT those of friends or family members
  • You may NOT leave reviews about a company when you:
    – hold a stake by owning, partially owning, or previously having owned (a part of) that company
    – work for that company, including as an external advisor or as an executive
    – are affiliated with that company, including but not limited to being a competitor to or supplier for them
  • You must have used a company’s service within 12 months prior to the date of your review. This means your scheduled move date must have been less than 365 days ago
  • Your review must be validated by either a valid email address OR Facebook authentication. We may use this to contact you should questions arise about the authenticity of your review


* Please note that we do not share this documentation with any reviewed company. In order to read more about how we handle your personal information, take a look at our Privacy Policy.


What your review should talk about

  • The review should cover your international moving experience. Criteria from the previous subsection apply. Try to be clear, concise and as factual as possible.
  • For more ideas about which aspects of the customer service should be included, refer to this article in which our reviewing criteria are explained.
  • If you have somehow been incentivized by a company to place a review for them on our website, you have to mention this in your review.

Things to keep in mind when writing a review

  • You may edit your review at any time, although the updated version may not contain any coarse language and links. Also, please notice that your review can be reported for any misconduct at any given time, which will cause a moderator to review your case. This may lead to a review being (temporarily) deleted.
  • Be civilized. Do not put any content in your online review that you would not tell the company to their face. Any reviews violating our Guidelines or other applicable laws will also be deleted. Examples of such violations include:
    – Coarse language
    – Content with a sexist or racial character
    – Content revolving around ethical, political and/or value-laden debates
    – Sharing personal identifying information
    – Links
    – Promotional references
  • A violating of any of the previously mentioned criteria may result in your review being deleted.


Moderation and misconduct

  • We generally do not do not move reviews from one company to another, unless there is clear information indicating there has been a mistake, or if a company contacts us that another company was the intended recipient of that review, or
  • If a company changes names, fuses with another company, or other such special circumstances apply.


Mistakes, typos or other recommendations? We highly encourage our visitors to reach out to us on


We reserve the right to edit these guidelines at any given time, so in order to always have the latest guidelines check back here occasionally.